As an attorney with over 20 years of experience Grover "Beau" Seaton has the skill, knowledge and ability to aggressively defend you or a loved one regardless of the charge. Being arrested for a crime can lead to serious consequences. You have the right to an experienced attorney who can defend you from the beginning to the ultimate conclusion of your charges. Our defense team will provide you with a strategy to effectively resolve your case in any court in the Berkeley, Charleston or Dorchester County areas. Our familiarity with criminal law ensures that you will receive a vigorous, well-planned criminal defense. Remember your problem is our problem.

At the law office of Grover "Beau" Seaton the attorney and staff are ready to help you in your time of need. After 20 years in practice, we have the experience to help you get your money. We will fight for your rights. We will fight for your just compensation. We can help get you the money you deserve. When you’re injured, the last thing you need is to fight your case without competent legal counsel. We handle the paperwork, deal with the insurance companies and the medical providers so you can focus on recovering. We know how to protect your rights and we are ready to fight for you! Remember, your problem is our problem. 

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving with an unlawful concentration (DUAC) it’s important to understand your rights and the time limits that you have to protect those rights. That is why getting advice from the Grover “Beau” Seaton Law Firm is critical to protecting those rights. The Grover “Beau” Seaton Law Firm has the know-how and experience with the judicial system to step in and help you. As a DUI attorney, Grover “Beau” Seaton has a long history of dealing with these charges and knows how to get you back on the right track. A DUI/DUAC charge is something to be taken seriously as it can greatly affect you now and in the future. A DUI attorney can help by explaining your rights and giving you options on how to proceed in the most suitable manner for your specific case. So if you are in need of a DUI attorney in Berkley, Charleston, or Dorchester Counties SC, contact us today at 843-761-3840. See DUI attorney, Grover "Beau" Seaton for a free consultation. And remember, your problem is our problem.


At the law office of Grover "Beau" Seaton we know that family law cases can cause a lot of stress for families.  We also know that family court cases are unique because it often involves children. However, when handled properly, we are often able to reach settlements that save time, money and the emotional toll that long drawn out fights often cause. However, when the parties cannot agree on a practical or fair settlement, our team provides the representation you are looking for. We are experienced, aggressive litigators willing to fight to present your best interest. At the law office of Grover "Beau" Seaton, we will fight for you and your children from the very beginning to the final resolution. We handle all divorce, custody, and post-divorce-related cases. Remember, your problem is our problem.